Journal of Unmanned System Technology

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The second official journal of ISIUS was established to further strengthen the publication portfolio of the the society. Journal of Unmanned System Technology (JUST, ISSN 2287-7320) is scholarly publication of research work in all relevant areas of unmanned vehicle technologies including dynamics, navigation, guidance, control and its safety verification. The editor welcomes contribution in the form of research article, review paper, brief paper as well as short communication presenting recent progress in the subject area. JUST is an open-access online journal delivered on a responsive web template. 

Raison d'etre of JUST

The discipline of unmanned system has been the subject of active research in the past many decades. The applications of unmanned system range from the space robot to explore the celestial bodies to underwater robots used for seabed mapping. The trend towards more autonomous unmanned vehicles has been accelerated by advances in relevant technology areas including: power systems, embedded software, sensors and actuators. The availability of a dedicated journal in the subject area would not only maintain the progress but also help the dissemination of the information to further propel the extension of the state of the art. 

So, what’s responsive web design for JUST?

With responsive design, JUST web could be conveniently readable by any device. The readers can enjoy the feature of flexible grid and responsive typography, they can read the article not only in the standard PC monitor but also on all their mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and others). 



Call for Paper 2014/2015

The editor of J Unmanned Sys Tech (ISSN 2287-7320) is extending an invitation for authors to submit their work to be considered for publication with the journal. The current Call for Paper is applicable for the issue in the Q4 of 2014 or in 2015.


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