Journal of Unmanned System Technology

Editorial workflow

The editor appreciates fully the need of the authors to publish their research work in a timely manner. Authors can receive a decision about their paper in 2-4 months since the date of submission.  

All submitted manuscripts will undergo a double blind review process to maintain objectivity. Meaning that the authors would not know who are reviewing their manuscripts and similarly the reviewers are provided with anonymous manuscripts. All relevant information that could be used to infer the authorship and affiliation (such as one in the acknowledgement or references) would be first deleted prior to review. 

The preliminary review of the submitted manuscript will be done by the editor. If the article is considered suitable for publication, it will be sent to two reviewers. The result of review can be categorized into four levels:

  • Accept as is
  • Accept with minor revision
  • Accept with major revision
  • Reject or recommend for resubmission

The editor-in-chief reserves the right to make decision over and above reviewers's opinion. 

Submission criteria

The publication within the Journal of Unmanned System Technology should adhere to the following guideline:

  • Paper submitted to the journal should not have been published or currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. 
  • The publication for the previously presented paper on a conference could be allowed only when the author can show that the original article has been substantially extended to include new content. The author is also responsible for obtaining the permission from the copyright owner if the article was copyrighted. 
  • The manuscript is submitted with the understanding that all authors have read the latest version and given their consent for its publication. 

Use of external content

The authors submitting articles for publication with Journal of Unmanned System Technology should appropriately recognize and honor the original owner of any information materials (text, graphics, illustrations and ideas) used on the submitted paper. The code of ethics for using external material includes but is not limited to: 

  • Authors contributing to Journal of Unmanned System Technology guarantee that the paper reflects their own work and does not represent a violation of any existing copyright and will indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty.
  • The recognition of the use of external material should be properly manifested in the form of citation in the text for paraphrased sentences or indented text/quote marks for verbatim usage. References must be all listed completely and accurately. 
  • The author is responsible for obtaining consent statements and written permission from the owner of the copyrighted materials. The permission must be cleared for both major and minor adaptation of any elements not originally created by him. 

Manuscript format

The submitted manuscript should adhere to the following general guidelines. Alternatively, the author can simply use the manuscript template.

  1. LAYOUT Paper is in two-column format. Page margins are 1.78 cm top and down; 1.65 cm left and right. Each column width is 8.89 cm and the separation between the columns is 0.51 cm.
  2. UNITS The use of SI units is encouraged. Other units system may be used as  secondary units (given in parentheses)
  3. FIGURES Place figure captions below the figures. If your figure has two parts, include the labels “(a)” and “(b)” as part of the artwork. Make sure the figure has at least 300 dpi quality
  4. TABLES Do not abbreviate “Table.” Tables are numbered with Roman numerals. Place table titles above the tables.
  5. HEADINGS The heading must be concise and indicative of the corresponding content. Use all capital letters and Roman numeral.
  6. REFERENCES Publications must be cited in the text numbered consecutively in square brackets [1]. Multiple references [2], [3] are each numbered with separate brackets [1]–[3]. When citing a section in a book, please give the relevant page numbers. In sentences, refer simply to the reference number, as in [3]. Do not use “Ref. [3]” or “reference [3]” except at the beginning of a sentence: “Reference [3] shows ....”

Call for Paper 2014/2015

The editor of J Unmanned Sys Tech (ISSN 2287-7320) is extending an invitation for authors to submit their work to be considered for publication with the journal. The current Call for Paper is applicable for the issue in the Q4 of 2014 or in 2015.


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