Journal of Unmanned System Technology

Manuscript format

The submitted manuscript should adhere to the following general guidelines. Alternatively, the author can simply use the manuscript template.

  1. LAYOUT Paper is in two-column format. Page margins are 1.78 cm top and down; 1.65 cm left and right. Each column width is 8.89 cm and the separation between the columns is 0.51 cm.
  2. UNITS The use of SI units is encouraged. Other units system may be used as  secondary units (given in parentheses)
  3. FIGURES Place figure captions below the figures. If your figure has two parts, include the labels “(a)” and “(b)” as part of the artwork. Make sure the figure has at least 300 dpi quality
  4. TABLES Do not abbreviate “Table.” Tables are numbered with Roman numerals. Place table titles above the tables.
  5. HEADINGS The heading must be concise and indicative of the corresponding content. Use all capital letters and Roman numeral.
  6. REFERENCES Publications must be cited in the text numbered consecutively in square brackets [1]. Multiple references [2], [3] are each numbered with separate brackets [1]–[3]. When citing a section in a book, please give the relevant page numbers. In sentences, refer simply to the reference number, as in [3]. Do not use “Ref. [3]” or “reference [3]” except at the beginning of a sentence: “Reference [3] shows ....”