Journal of Unmanned System Technology

Types of paper

The editor is considering the following types of article for publication with the Journal of Unmanned System Technology:

  • Research paper: the paper that reflects innovative and original contribution through ongoing research endeavors. The article covers detailed and quantitative research material cast in the position relative to the state-of-the-art in the literature. 
  • Review paper: the paper that is focused on the comprehensive exposition of contribution on a particular subject area. The article contains critical reviews of literature and comparison of different approaches or methods. 
  • Technical note: a brief paper for rapid disclosure providing a novel development or progress in a certain field. 
  • Short communication: a condensed discussions (comments or response of comments) of papers formerly published within the journal.  

Call for Paper 2014/2015

The editor of J Unmanned Sys Tech (ISSN 2287-7320) is extending an invitation for authors to submit their work to be considered for publication with the journal. The current Call for Paper is applicable for the issue in the Q4 of 2014 or in 2015.